Proposed New Homes for Lytchett Matravers

Wyatt Homes

Land at Blaneys Corner presents the opportunity to deliver around 25 new homes

About the site

The site sits to the north east of Lytchett Matravers on land at Blaneys Corner.

The site is in a sustainable location with access to a number of facilities:

  • Approximately 400m from the village centre.
  • The nearest bus stop is positioned on Lime Kiln Road, (less than 1 minutes’ walk). This is served by bus route no.10 providing an hourly service connection between Lytchett Matravers and Poole town centre (via Poole railway station) throughout the day (Monday to Saturday).
  • The Lytchett Matravers Pre-School and Primary School, located on Wareham Road, is within approximately 1,000 meters of the site.
  • Within the catchment area of Lytchett Minster School. The School is accessible by school bus service 718 that stops at the Wareham Road bus stop, 5 minutes’ walk (400 meters).
  • Within 300m of the Lytchett Matravers Village Green playing fields, and in close proximity to a number of existing green and open spaces located elsewhere in the village, including the multi-Use-Games-Area (MUGA) located adjacent to the Lytchett Matravers Pre-School and Primary School to the south.

Site location - click to enlarge

Site location - click to enlarge

Constraints and opportunities

We have assessed the site to gain an understating of its constraints and opportunities for residential development. A number of themes have been identified that have in particular helped to shape the masterplan including utilities and drainage, the site levels, landscape structure and biodiversity, and access and movement. The ecological and drainage considerations are summarised below.


Ecological surveys and assessments have identified that the majority of the site comprises habitats of limited nature conservation interest. Where possible hedgerows will be retained and / or replaced within the development, and an area of informal open space will be created along the stream in the east of the site comprising wet and meadow grassland habitats and retained mature trees. In addition to this, sensitive lighting, bat boxes and bird boxes will be included to support existing species on site.

The proposals include measures to ensure no adverse effects are felt on internationally designated sites including the Dorset Heaths SAC and Poole Harbour SPA. This includes provision of a bespoke Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG) for recreation to avoid disturbance of birds.


The site sits within Flood Zone 1, which is the lowest Flood Risk. Runoff generated by the development will be stored on-site within Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS), including a permanently wet attenuation pond.

Wessex Water have agreed that foul flows from the development can connect to their existing adopted foul sewer network.

Constraints and opportunities plan

Constraints and opportunities plan - click to enlarge

The proposals

We are looking to create a high quality development that is positioned to provide a new ‘corner green’, creating a welcoming village arrival space and inviting pedestrian connections to and from the village.

The proposed development would bring 25 new homes. Up to 40% of the new homes will be affordable housing (including shared ownership and rent).

CGI to show how proposals could look, view from the north west corner of the site

CGI to show how proposals could look, view from the north west corner of the site - click to enlarge

Illustrative Masterplan

Illustrative masterplan - click to enlarge

Design approach

The site provides an opportunity to create a new residential neighbourhood which responds positivity to its existing features and successfully integrates with Lytchett Matravers. Some of the key design features include:


A village green will be created at Blaneys Corner to mark a point of arrival, provide a safe area for play and an inviting pedestrian and cycle connection to and from the village.


Feature homes will be set back to overlook the route and mark a new access created to Wimborne Road.


A sequence of attractive spaces will naturally blend the development within the landscape and support informal recreation and provide a sensitive setting to existing dwellings adjoining the development.


By providing ‘back-to-back’ arrangements between new and existing dwellings, the proposals ensures that there will be no loss of residential amenity.


The development will offer a variety of house types and tenures to meet local housing requirements.


The dwellings will be traditional in design to reflect the character and appearance of the village.

Access and highways

Our proposed access plans include a number of key features, such as:


A new vehicular and pedestrian access into the site will be provided from Wimborne Road to the east of the junction with Wareham Road. This would take the form of a simple give-way junction.


Car and cycle parking will be provided in accordance with the adopted parking standards


Pedestrian access will also be provided Wimborne Road and the existing footway at Blaney’s Corner.


The new streets within the development will be designed to encourage slow vehicle movements with a target design speed of 10-15mph, including through variation of street surfaces to indicate changes in character and to assist with slowing traffic speeds.

Character and landscape

The scheme has been designed to complement the existing landscape, protect valued features and to introduce complementary planting across the site to strengthen the overall character of the site. We have incorporated the following features:


A ‘green character’ would be created for Blaneys Corner, and into the village along Wimborne Road, through retention of hedgerows and additional planting.


A feature village green will be created at Blaneys Corner. The space will provide an attractive entrance feature to the site, be overlooked by new homes and provide a safe area for play.


Within the proposed housing development, additional tree and shrub planting would be introduced to create differences in character across the site and to provide seasonal colour and variation.


Existing trees will be retained and the site would be enhanced with new tree planting. This will reinforce the sense of village character and deliver a positive response and integration of the site to its wider landscape setting.

Climate change and sustainable construction


Our homes are built to stand the test of time using high quality materials incorporating energy and water efficient design.


Robust energy efficiency standards that exceed current building regulations and reduce CO2 emissions, achieved through high levels of insulation and thermal massing combined with high specification glazing and efficient heating and ventilation.


Electric vehicle charging infrastructure to be provided on every private plot.


Sustainable Drainage Systems are designed to accommodate increased intensity and frequency of rainfall events associated with climate change.


Green infrastructure and planting provides shading and cooling to help reduce heat stress.

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